Nancy Campbell, M.S.
Culinary Nutritionist & Radiant Health Founder

Nancy Campbell, M.S. Culinary Nutritionist

Nancy Campbell, M.S.
Culinary Nutritionist

Nancy combines her training in nutrition and integrative health, a Masters of Urban Planning and over a decade of professional culinary experience in Radiant Health.  She supports her clients to redefine how they eat and their relationship to food.  She guides them to build culinary skills, and fine-tune their pantries so they can feel amazing in their skin AND in the kitchen. 

Having made her own dietary transition over the course of the last nine years, she knows what it's like to not have the time or patience to spend hours in the kitchen AND still want amazing food every night.   So, with a low budget, simple recipes, and a vegetarian tendency, she took her years of prepping in professional kitchens into her own home.  The result has led her to support others to discover and refine their empowerment in the kitchen, in their bodies and in their lives. 

Nancy received her Masters of Science of Nutrition and Integrated Health at the Maryland University of Integrative Health and her Masters of City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute.  

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