Cook More.  Wing it Less!

Meal planning Basics
~ A Virtual workshop ~ 

Do you find yourself grappling each night with what to make for dinner?  

Are you exhausted from winging it?  From having to cook from zero after a long day?  

From spending too much of your energy finding meals that will make your family happy?    

It's exhausting!  

I know this hamster wheel SO WELL.  I'm chasing a toddler, running a business, and striving to be present for my partner.  I don't feel like I'm doing anything 100%, and often making dinner is the last thing I want to do.  

So, what I know AND experience every day is that solid, smart meal planning strategies can take you from dreading the kitchen to having easy and healthy options to grab for any meal of the day. This doesn’t require gourmet culinary mastery or making everything from scratch!  


When it comes to feeding ourselves, flying by the seat of our pants gets:

  1. Expensive
  2. Repetitive (We eat the same thing over and over!) 
  3. Unhealthy
  4. Stressful

What if you could easily meal prep in advance so dinner takes 15 minutes instead of an hour and a half.  

What if you could quickly assemble whole food meals that offer flexibility both for busy schedules and for picky eaters? 

What if these strategies could save you money?   

While I'm running around chasing a to do list like the rest of you, I have also been teaching hundreds of folks like yourself how to meal plan.  I have worked one-on-one with over 50 private clients to support their making sustainable changes to their diets by elevating their culinary skills, planning to eat, and building healthy, solid pantries.

    Yeah, yeah.  But stuff always comes up!  

    Look.  I am a chef.  I am comfortable in the kitchen, and there are nights that we eat frozen meals from Trader Joe's.  It's called life, and in life shit happens.  

    My philosophy - Plans are made.  Plans have to adapt.  How do I navigate then?  

    I work from a well stocked pantry, a fist full of easy, whole food recipes, and I have learned how to stock my freezer with "meals on the fly".  

    This is what I can teach you!  Join me . . . 

    This has been so helpful! Seriously, my pantry is so well stocked that I can get a hint of a new recipe and pretty much execute with buying minimal groceries. I can’t believe I didn’t have this resource before.
    — Penny W.

    Learning to plan meals is a muscle you build over time. 

    Yes, you can get busy downloading plans from internet.  That's awesome! But in the busy world we live in they lack flexibility.  They also don't teach you how to do advance prep or walk you through the basics of intuitive, successful cooking.

    In this course, we start with focusing on the baby steps!  I teach this course knowing things will not gel over night.  I will walk you through both the big picture and offer some clear, simple strategies that will shift your kitchen and pantry into a well oiled machine.   

    Cooking with iPad.jpg

    Over the course of an hour, we will cover how to:

    • Prep in advance for easy weekday meals rather than cooking from zero each night;
    • Build a pantry that serves you and makes cooking easy;
    • Shop for the right mix of fresh produce to prevent waste;
    • Make the best use of your time in the kitchen with restaurant prep strategies;
    • Utilize overlapping ingredients that save you time and money;
    • Stop the overwhelm and calculate how much you actually need to cook.

    Nancy, I am really glad I held out and worked with you! You just exude a love for what you do, and a really fierce commitment to sharing your knowledge, your passion for food and cooking, and your belief that people can grow out of old patterns that do not serve. In short, you rock!
    — E.T.

    About Nancy Campbell:  Nancy is a culinary nutritionist who has combined her 10 years in the restaurant business with her M.Sc of Nutrition & Integrative Health to transform how her clients operate in the kitchen.  Between shifting what they eat, how they plan for meals, and when they cook, Nancy's clients experience shifts that go beyond a reduction of symptoms or a slimmer waistline.  They shift their relationship to cooking, which shifts their relationship to food, which perpetuates sustainable lifestyle change.  


    Workshop Details:

    Join me for a LIVE webinar with Q&A Sunday, March 18th at 8 pm EST.


    • You will have immediate access to a private Facebook Group that will offer you support, recipes, cooking inspiration, access to my feedback, and community!

    • You will be automatically enrolled in a 1-week Meal Planning Challenge starting Thursday, March 22nd to immediately apply what you've learned!   

    • You will have lifetime access to the replay, if you can't make it live.

    • Templates and sample recipes, a shopping list, as well as a prep and assembly plan will land in your inbox immediately upon sign-up.  

    Don't miss this opportunity to get organized in the kitchen.  

    Finally get focused on eating well for the long haul.  

    Your health and your family's health is completely worth it!  

    COST:  $37 / person  with on-going access to a private Facebook Group! 

      Since taking your class in July, I have not had to buy my lunch once at work...I’ve only bought it here and there when buying lunch with a friend. I was just starting to feel a little cooking fatigue and was trying to think of what to do about it, so this is perfect.
      — Erin S.