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Meal Planning Small Group Program

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Let's be honest  . . . meal planning is pretty old fashioned.  

Yet, it is not uncommon for folks to keep hurdling through each week by the seat of their pants without stopping to figure out a plan B.  

Isn't it funny?  We persistently complain that we hate shopping, get frustrated cooking, and never feel like we have anything wholesome to feed ourselves or our families.  Yet, there's something missing when we can't sit down with the ones we love to break bread together.  

So this begs the question - Why not shift what's not working?  

Aren't you ready to stop the overwhelm AND the ruts AND the waste to bring nourishing meals to the table?  

AND shrink your food budget?!  

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My meal planning small group program could be your answer! 

In order to stop the overwhelm there's no trick.  There's no mystery . . . you just need a game plan!  You need a strategy that helps you think a few steps ahead with reliable results and a blueprint for getting food on the table quickly.  

But how?  

You can get the support in real time of a chef and a nutritionist who understands your limitations in the kitchen.  One who can help you shape meals based on allergens and specialized diets, and who can also teach you the art of meal planning with a whole foods pantry.  

With accountability, recipes, tools, and templates,  this program will guide you to design clear systems that will keep you in rhythm and flow in your kitchen.  You will have a handle on:

  • What's in your pantry and fridge in a given week.
  • How to choose recipes that a.) use what you have, b.) overlap ingredients, and c.) meet your skill level.

  • How to organize your prep and assembly of meals (when, what, & how) most effectively.

  • How to make the best use of your time in the kitchen so you can get ahead and be more efficient. 

You will also be a part of a small and intimate cohort of home cooks who also struggle with the same frustrations and the same overwhelm you are grappling with.  Yet, like you, they will also come to the group with insights, wisdom, hacks, and recipes of their own that we can all learn from.  

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Here's how it works:

The program kicks off the week of April 23.   

We will journey through 4 weeks of strategic modules that build on each other . . . . 

Week 1

You will get clear on the maximum you need to cook each week using a replicable calculation.  You will also be introduced to the tools and systematic protocol we will use for the next 4 weeks to inventory your pantry, grocery shop, and prep and assemble meals.  With templates and guides, you will be able to start testing a new routine within this first week! 

Week 2

Get ready to systemitize your fridge and pantry too!  Roll-up your sleeves to label, organize, purge, and inventory your kitchen.  You can loop in the family (or not), but with strategies and accountability you will be empowered to create flow and systems in your kitchen that won't leave you replicating pantry items, leaving food to rot, and overwhelmed with your cabinets.

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Week 3

This week we are going to go deeper in expanding your pantry to make cooking and pulling together meals more intuitive and easeful.  We will talk about a variety of cooking strategies here. You will have a deeper knowledge of what staples are essential and how many ways you can use them . . A cornerstone of a nimble, intuitive cook! 

Week 4

As we roll into our final week, we will work on tweaking your implementation strategies by focusing on prepping for the future.  This is where you will learn what you can double, what you should freeze, how you freeze it, and managing the defrost.  We will also review all the components of your kitchen system, and answer the remaining questions you have.

“This has been so helpful! Seriously, my pantry is so well stocked that I can get a hint of a new recipe and pretty much execute with buying minimal groceries. I can’t believe I didn’t have this resource before.”
— P. White
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Each Thursday (starting April 19), you will receive a video or audio recording that will guide you through the week's lesson in perfect timing for the weekend.  

On Monday evenings (starting April 23) at 8 pm, we will gather in a Zoom virtual conference room to discuss our successes, challenges, hurdles, and questions from the weekend.  

After Week 1,  you will be armed with the tools to start enacting the flow meal planning right away.  The structure consists of:

  • Taking Inventory & Purging Your Fridge / Pantry

  • Choosing Recipes Based on Inventory

  • Making a Purposeful Grocery List

  • Ordering /Shopping for Groceries

  • Structuring Your Prep & Assembly Plan

You will be following this format and adapting it to your schedule, your skill level, and your kitchen throughout the 4-weeks.  You will be perfecting this protocol each week as you gain more knowledge, troubleshoot, and facilitate the steps.  

I will also be arming you with a small library of recipes that I personally use and my clients love that can become part of the foundation of your new meal planning rhythm.  

You will have access to all of the materials and the recordings for life, so you can always go back to them as a reference. 


Program summary:

This 4-week program can change how you feed yourself, arm you with the tools and know-how to cook with ease, and get you in and out of the kitchen.  You can save time AND money.    

I know that your resources and your free time are hard earned and precious.  I would be SO honored to support you in finding a new confidence, new rhythm, and more nutritious meals so you can shrink your food budget and get out of the kitchen!   


  • Life time access to 4 audio and video lessons.
  • Weekly, virtual support and peer-to-peer learning opportunities from 7 others just like you.
  • Recordings of our group calls.
  • A collection of easy and tested recipes.
  • Templates and protocols to get and stay organized.
  • Accountability and structure to make the shifts in your habits and build your confidence in the kitchen.
  • One-on-one coaching and assistance with your hurdles and questions.


Full Price: $237  > > >  $187 w/ EARL BIRD DISCOUNT*.  Get $50 off using the Code: BASICS  

*Discount is valid until April 1, 2018