Save Time & Money with These One-Pot Wonders!

As many of you know, I teach a regularly at the Brooklyn Brainery - a place I love!  Back in March, Mental_Floss reporter Shaunacy Ferro joined the class to wrap her head around the essential meal planning strategies that make eating a nourishing whole-foods diet possible.  Her take-aways were summarized in a feature article on the site.  I'm thrilled share the highlights of her piece, 5 Easy Ideas to Get Yourself to Cook More at Home.   

  1. Making the time to cook,
  2. Develop a list of kitchen "must-haves."
  3. Writing out the week's strategy and an accompanying shopping list.
  4. Dropping the hesitation to cook for more than one meal, and lastly, owning a few one-pot meals.   
  5. Don't be afraid to cook a lot of food! 

You can also get the full story here.

Shaunacy's feature inspired me to share with you several of my one-pot faves.  Check these out and let me know what you think!  (Bonus - they are all gluten free and can easily be dairy free.)