Culinary & Nutrition Workshops

Radiant Health offers a range of culinary workshops designed to support the needs of the beginner and intermediate cook.  Nancy's teaching style blends demonstrative and hands-on learning.  She is adept at keeping a group engaged, always ready to support and guide participants for individual learning, and loves to make cooking fun for everyone.  These workshops are perfect for groups celebrating special occasions such as a birthday or bachelorette party.  They can also be fun, out of the box opportunities for professional organizations or corporations who want to integrate the promotion of healthy lifestyles with team-building activities.

Group hands-on culinary workshops can be as intimate as a group of 3 or as large as a group of 14.  (Anything larger than 14 will begin to loose its hand-on capacity.)   Demo and lecture-based workshops such as "Meal Planning Basics" can be done for as many as 50 people.  

Topics can include knife skills 1.0 and 2.0, meal planning basics, one-pot meals, how to use herbs and spices, the basic French bistro, canning veggies, homemade stock, and allergy-free cooking (gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, etc.).  I am always open to designing a unique workshop that will meet the needs of your group.

Workshops can vary in length and time.  Pricing is dependent on number of people, travel expense, menu, etc.  

Examples include:

  • 1.5-hour meal planning workshop for up to 20.

  • 12-hour / 3-session cooking 101 series for up to 10.

  • 2.5-hour knife skills workshop for 12.

Read more below for in depth descriptions of workshops we offer . . . 

Nutrition Workshops

Radiant Health offers topical nutrition workshops that are designed to run 1 to 1 ½ hours. Topics can range from broad subjects like “Eat Your Way to Better Health,” to more specific conditions or body systems, i.e. “Mind What You Eat:  Foods to Improve Memory and Brain Function.”  Each workshop is designed to be the beginning of a discussion, and an engaging experience that leaves the participants both knowing more about a specific topic and knowing more about each other.   Participants are provided with accessible reading material and recipes to take home.  They almost never leave without tasting one of the recipes that we demonstrate.  Recipes are tied to the topic exemplifying how tasty and easy to prepare healthy foods can be! 

Pricing (Includes workshop planning, topic prep, set-up, clean-up and travel): 
$150/1 hr. workshop
$225 / 1 ½ hr. workshop.   

Knife Skills Workshops

Knife Skills: Slicing Through the Basics -  

Solid knife skills are the foundation for speed in the kitchen.  They are the mortar for the house you call "dinner at my place."  With a little dose of confidence, a pinch of good form and a sharp knife, making dinner won't take you three hours!  

This class was awesome! I had so much fun and learned so much about knives! Nancy is a wonderful teacher and genuinely enjoys sharing her passion with her students. Even if you’ve never taken a cooking class before you will be slicing & dicing like a master chef by the end. Plus the food was delicious!
— Shir Aviv

Through this hands-on class you will feel at ease yeilding a knife through a head of cabbage.  You will no longer wrestle with a butternut or loathe slicing an onion.   You will mince madly, dice with dignity, and learn to make matchsticks.  You will also: 

  • Get tips on purchasing a proper knife.

  • Work with a sharpening stone to sharpen a knife.

  • Understand which knife to use for the right job.

  • Receive one-on-one support on form and technique.

  • Take home a packet of instructions and tips covered in class and extras to support you further.

  • Enjoy a delicious vegetarian dish prepped by you!

Nancy teaches Knife Skills Basics quarterly at The Brooklyn Brainery and monthly in her Atlanta home.  She would also love to come to your home or office space and offer a class to you or a group!  She is able to provide the equipment and structure for a mobile classroom   Set-up a call with Nancy to learn more about private workshop options.

Knife Skills 2.0 - 

We all know cooking begins with your knife.  Yet, wielding a chef’s knife through a bunch of carrots is only the start.  If you are already comfortable prepping veggies with a dice, slice, julienne, and mince, and you want to take your knife skills to the next step, this class is designed for you.  

We will review the basics, and then we will quickly dive into more advanced techniques that will help to streamline your meal prep and leave you with more time OUT of the kitchen.  In two hours you will:

  • Nail the basics with one-on-one support;

  • Core and shave fennel for salads;

  • Peel, zest, and section/supreme citrus for cocktails & salads;

  • Break apart a whole chicken for a cheap, simple supper;

  • Skin a salmon filet and dice shallots for salmon burgers.

I would love to come to your space and offer a class to you or a group! Send me a note to find out more about private workshop options!

I REALLY LOVED the workshop and learned a lot that I took away with me and have been using at home. I thought the knife instruction and cutting tips were extremely helpful; my knife skills have been much better at home. I have made all the recipes with success and have been motivated to prep food ahead of time and it is helping out in my life. Thank you!
— Jennifer B.