Meal Planning Small Group Program

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Meal Planning Small Group Program


~ Use the code BASICS for $50 through April 1, 2018 ~

This 4-week program is designed to arm you with a weekly strategy that helps you think a few steps ahead with reliable results and a blueprint for getting food on the table quickly.  

You can get the support in real time of a chef and a nutritionist who understand your limitations in the kitchen. One who can help you shape meals based on allergens and specialized diets, and who can also teach you the art of meal planning with a whole foods pantry.

You will receive:

  • Life time access to 4 audio and video lessons.

  • A collection of easy and tested recipes.

  • Templates and protocols to get and stay organized.

  • Accountability and structure to make the shifts in your habits and build your confidence in the kitchen.

  • Support and peer-to-peer learning opportunities from 11 others in your cohort.

  • Coaching and assistance with your hurdles and questions.

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