Cooking Instruction

Let’s face it - there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling overwhelmed, lost or frustrated in the kitchen.  Whether you are only comfortable boiling water or have the skills but lack the meal planning structure, gaining cooking confidence can really be a game changer.  

Consider how much you may be spending eating out for starters.  Go a step further and consider the impact take-out and restaurant meals are having on your health, how you feel, on your ability to manage weight, your fertility, your mental health, and so forth.  If you are a parent, there's also something to be said about the power of cooking and eating with your kids in nourishing their relationship to the food they eat.  

What does it boil down to? Empowerment.  When you prepare your meals you know what ingredients are used.  You know the quality is assured.  You know it's allergen-free.  And you have the power to adapt to your taste and preferences (and picky eaters) with nutritional integrity.  

Cooking instruction with Radiant Health can also include pantry building guidance, or be wrapped into a kitchen rehab session.  How in the world do you expect to make those fabulous meals you dream of without the ingredients on hand or even within reach?  Or when are you going to get over the fear of handling a knife?  Do you need to consolidate your time in the kitchen, but get overwhelmed doing more than one thing at a time?  We can help!   We can focus on specific aspects of cooking - culinary skills such as knife skills versus how to multi-task to maximize your time in the kitchen.  

A Radiant Health in-home, culinary support session starts with a conversation.  We sit-down and hash out what you need and where you are stuck.  From there we create a plan – a road map for our time together that meets you where you are and arms you with the skills/tools/recipes/strategies for success in the kitchen.  You will receive a shopping list, recipes, and follow-up support including a list of pantry items, tools and/or appliances that will improve how you operate in your kitchen.

To learn more, contact me under the Working Together tab to set-up a consult call and learn more about how these sessions can work for you and your family.  On the call, we will scope out what support you need how one afternoon can shift your relationship to cooking.  

Half Day, 4 hours and full days ( 8 hours) are available, and family sessions are welcomed!