Personal Chef Services - Weekly Meals & Private Events in Atlanta, GA

There are only so many ways to slice it.  When you need someone to personally cook for you, you are entrusting them to be clear, clean, organized, professional, prompt, and most of all make everything taste amazing!  I consider myself a versatile whole foods chef, and my style is simple yet elegant.  I cook with fresh, whole ingredients whose flavor naturally speaks for itself.  I lean toward cooked versus raw food (or a blend of the two) in order to support easeful digestion.  I also integrate healthy fats, fancy vegetarian and carnivore inclinations equally, and I love to introduce healthy treats that fuel you with energy and satisfy all the cravings.   

UPDATE: My family and I moved to Atlanta in February of 2017.  I can stock New York City freezers quarterly and cook for special events, but any weekly requests can only be Atlanta-based.  

Thanks again, Nancy. You killed it!
— Cosmos H.

I have 10+ years in the restaurant business where I worked every end, front and back of the fine dining house.  My experience arms me with the efficiency of a short order cook and the grace of a professional server.  I also have New York City catering and private party experience.  I would be delighted to prepare food for you and your guests any night or day of the week.  

Private chef services are available for weekly or monthly meal prep in your home or mine with delivery.  Special diets, allergens, and digestive support are my forte!  Chef services can be easily be coupled with nutrition consultations to meet any health or nutritional goal. 

To learn more and to set-up a time to talk, please shoot me a note in the tab "Working Together."

John and I are loving the delicious meals you prepared!! Every single one has been amazing - from the salmon to the quinoa salad to the quinoa cakes and hash and the lentil soup. Its exactly the kind of food I love to eat and I am already feeling so much more healthy:) Its been so great to not have to think about what to order or where to go for lunch and dinner - and know that everything I’m eating is really good for me! Thank you for coming over yesterday and preparing all of our breakfasts and labeling everything - the notes were super helpful in knowing how to prep everything too . . . I’m so happy we found you!
— Erin R.