2016 Revamp & Realign Women’s Group Program

Empowering Lifestyle and Dietary Change Through Your Relationship to Food

So, what about your relationship to food? Complicated? You bet. And you are so not alone!

When you imagine your day-to-day routine falling into a perfect rhythm, where does food come in?  With our busy schedules and our New York City access to fresh and prepared food, many of us push any forethought of food aside.  As a result, we neglect to establish a routine around meals even though we know we need to eat. But why?  Is it on purpose because we’d rather avoid food or is nourishment simply not a priority?  Have you ever really asked yourself why?

Food is our fuel.  Food is life.  Food is sacred, yet food can be filled with strife.  We have a deep relationship to the stuff we put in our mouths.  It’s a vital part of our everyday existence.  Yet, the relationship we have to food is also rooted in culture, in our self-image, in our body-image, and, on a deep level, our sense of self-worth.  

Relationships are never static.  They change.  Relationships evolve as we evolve – as our needs and our lives shift.  It can be really imperative that we take a step back to examine them – especially the complicated ones.   So, what about your relationship to food?   Complicated?  You bet.  And you are so not alone!

Consider these questions . . . 

-      How is it that you struggle with food?  With cooking for yourself?  With meal planning? 

-      Do you ignore your needs for nourishment throughout the day or get frustrated with having to “figure out” what to eat every day? 

-      Is feeding yourself physically and spiritually a chore? 

-      Do you fixate on calories and fat grams with perhaps a long history of dieting? 

-      Do you have moments when you use food to make you feel better emotionally?

If we are honest with ourselves, food isn’t really the issue.  For so many women, it’s a red herring. When we are triggered emotionally food can become either a comforting distraction or an instigator of self-deprecation.   When we are dissatisfied with ourselves or our lives, nourishing yourself can become hard work.  Often the struggle is really about listening to your intuition, owning your self-worth, facing your fears, and cultivating the confidence to have your voice heard in the world.

Life happens in the present moment. If you are obsessing about yesterday and planning for tomorrow, the hunger continues and the emptiness grows.
— Anita Johnston, Ph.D., Eating in the Light of the Moon

What Will You Learn?

So where does your struggle to nourish yourself come from?  This program is designed to help you figure that out.  Within a supportive and sacred circle of like-minded and amazing women, you will have the opportunity to finally distinguish your profound hunger for a purposeful and a gratifying life with your body’s physical hunger and nutritional needs. 

You will be armed with the culinary and meal planning skills as well as accessible recipes to implement consistent meal prep week-in and week-out.  We will also explore the physiology of how our bodies work to digest, to process, and to hormonally balance us throughout each day.  As a bonus, two amazing guest experts – an art therapist, and a motivational coach and dance professional – will walk us through the important work of addressing body image through art and movement. 

Who is This Program Ideal for?

This group program is an opportunity to work with an experienced nutritionist and facilitator (Nancy Campbell), an art therapist, and a motivational coach to get deeply acquainted with your body’s needs for emotional and physical nourishment so you can form new habits of self-care that center on a healthy diet.   Each participant will also have the option to engage with Nancy directly for additional one-on-one support around their personal nutrition needs.  So, if you are a person who is seeking community, nutritional support, more confidence in the kitchen, and a healthier relationship to the food you eat, this is an ideal group for you!    

You hit the nail on the head with where I am emotionally, and you said it in such a gentle, thoughtful way. You’re absolutely right that it’s about my resistance to taking care of me, and that looking at that resistance is key to getting past where I am emotionally...which will benefit me not just when I start cooking for myself again, but in the realm of my emotional growth.
— Nancy Y., Former Client

The Details & Logistics

Even if you simply struggle with a lack of knowledge of what to eat and how to prepare it properly, take a first step in considering what your relationship to food really is.  Ask yourself where that struggle comes from, and how you might be better able to cope both with your busy schedule and your desires for a healthy life-style.  A circle of women can be the most supportive venue for accountability and deepening your understanding and reflection of your own resistance to self-care.   Let’s do this together!

Components of the Program

  1. Facilitated Women’s Circle –  We will meet as a group for 90 minutes, 4 times over the course of 8 weeks, as an intimate circle.  Facilitated by Nancy, this will be a sacred time to learn, connect, journal and reflect.
  2.  4 Unique Workshops –  As a culinary nutritionist, Nancy is bringing her entire bag of tricks into this program.  As a central component, you will be receiving her fundamental culinary training in: 

·      Knife Skills: Slicing Through the Basics Workshop

·      The Basics of Meal Planning Workshop

In addition, two amazing practitioners will also join the group for two, independent workshops that will investigate the transformative work of addressing body image (Biographies can found below):

·      Liza Toft – Creative Art Therapist and Iyengar Yoga Instructor; and

·      Jess Grippo - Creativity Coach & Dance Facilitator

  1. Intimate Circle of Supportive and Amazing Women to keep you grounded in the process, to hold you accountable to your goals, to hear you and see you fully, and celebrate with as you climb even the smallest hurdles through the 8- weeks.  In addition to the in-person time you will have together each week, Nancy will host a private Facebook page to provide a platform for inspiration, sharing and communication between sessions. 
  2.  Optional One-On-One Nutritional Support can be added to receive the advanced support you need in transforming your health.  Imagine the powerful shifts when you can reinforce the group support and culinary skill building with personalized, one-on-one integrative nutritional consultations.  You will receive:

·      (2) 90-minute initial sessions to dive deep

·      (2) 50-minute sessions to follow-up for optimal results.

Sessions can be in-person or virtual, and they can be fulfilled up until May 30, 2016.

The Schedule

The program meets 8 times on Sunday mornings and two Wednesday evenings over the course of 9-weeks beginning Sunday, February 28th and wrapping Wednesday, April 20th in the North Slope and Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn.  Sunday start times will all begin between 10 am and 11 am.  Their start time will vary slightly depending on the agenda for the day.  Wednesday evening start times will begin at 7:30 pm.    We will fluctuate between meeting privately as a circle for 90 minutes and the 4 workshops described above for approximately 2 to 3 hours each.  A tentative detailed schedule is outlined below:  

  1. Group Circle Kick-Off:  Sunday, February 28th, 11 am - 12:30 pm
  2. Meal Planning Workshop: Sunday, March 6th, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm
  3. Group Circle: Sunday, March 13th, 11 am - 12:30 pm
  4. Body Tracing Workshop with Liza Toft: Sunday, March 20th at 10:30 am - 1:30 pm (2.5 hours w/break)
  5. Movement and Image Workshop with Jess Grippo: Wednesday, March 23rd, 7:30 pm - approx. 9 pm
  6. Group Circle, Sunday, April 3rd, 11 am - 12:30 pm
  7. Knife Skills: Slicing Through the Basics Workshop:  Sunday, April 10th, AM start time TBD
  8. Group Closing Circle Dinner: Wednesday, April 20, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Please Note -  We understand that some of you may miss one or a part of one of the sessions.  Don't be discouraged!  This work is too important to put it off one more year!!  If your schedule doesn't line up perfectly, discuss what you can't attend with Nancy to review your options.  

To sign-up or check-in about scheduling email her at Nancy@RadiantHealthNYC.com.

The Investment Options

Option A:  Women’s 8-Week Group Program

Option B:  Women’s 8-Week Group Program + Private Nutritional Support

To get more details on either option, and to discuss your particular needs, please schedule a call with Nancy directly.  Call her at 347-645-0181 or email her at Nancy (at) Radiant Health NYC.com