personal chef services contract

The following is a contract for the personal chef services of Culinary Nutritionist Nancy Campbell for the Diamond Family.
Please review the terms of the contract, and complete the form below to sign.



The Clients agree:  I / We hereby employ Nancy Campbell for the purpose of providing regularly scheduled (i.e. twice per week, weekly, biweekly, etc.) private chef services.  

I/We understand and agree that Nancy Campbell (THE CHEF) is not a licensed medical physician or a registered dietitian, and she has not promised, shall not be obligated to and will not: (1) advise the Client to change or alter his/her medication prescriptions; (2) provide medical advice that would substitute for the advice and medical oversight of the Clients’ physicians; or (3) act as a therapist, providing psychological counseling, psychoanalysis or behavioral therapy.   

When requesting the Chef provide additional nutritional support or personalized information above and beyond the provision of our weekly meal delivery, we agree to compensate her for any additional time spent that goes above and beyond her role as Chef. 

I / We agree to the following standard order for $185 weekly plus the cost of food and supplies, and permit the Chef to process the fee associated with the order (outlined below) with the credit card she has on file. 

Weekly Custom Meal Prep Order:

Monday – 

  • Crispy Fish Sticks - 4 frozen cod filets - cut bite size, tossed in arrowroot flour, cooked in butter

  • Beef Burgers (2 lbs.)– garlic salt and onion salt, spinach, Worcestershire, salt

  • Chicken Tenders (2 lbs. tenders) – soaked in a buttermilk made w/ coconut milk –GF bread crumbs, garlic salt, baking powder – baked and then fried w/ avocado oil

  • Cauliflower Rice - baked with garlic and avocado oil, tossed with lemon ad salt

Thursday – 

  • Chicken breast (4 chicken breasts) - baked with Borsari Citrus Blend

  • Beef Burgers – 2 lbs. - garlic salt and onion salt, spinach, Worcestershire, sea salt  (2 inches)

  • Salmon (raw) – (4) 6oz wild Atlantic salmon filets – maple syrup, butter, salt and pepper 

  • Sweet Potato Fries - tossed with arrowroot flour, sprinkled with coconut oil, baked, seasoned with salt.

I/We are in agreement that this will be considered a standard order. The minimum that can be ordered on a given week is equal to 1/2 of this order.

I/We will provide a week’s notice if we will not utilize her services in a given week. I/We will provide a minimum of 2-weeks notice if we choose to end this contract.

I/We agree to provide clear feedback and guidance to the Chef for any food allergies and food aversions, and preferences prior to food preparation.  

I/We are in agreement that the Chef will prepare our meals in her home kitchen, and deliver meals to our home located at 125 Franklin Place Atlanta, GA 30342 between 3 and 5 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.  

I/We agree to provide a return of the Chef’s bags and ice packs on Mondays and Thursdays with every delivery along with our washed containers.

The Chef Agrees:  I, Nancy Campbell, will cook and deliver meals for the Client(s) on a weekly basis.

I will deliver prepared food labeled and in Client(s)’ containers.

I will shop for all groceries and supplies, and prepare all meals in my home kitchen.  I will maintain a pantry of supplies for the strict purposes of preparing the Client(s)’ meals. I will maintain them within my capacity for storage including my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. All perishables will be purchased on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. I will pass along any supplies or pantry items to the Client(s) upon the termination of this contract or at the time when I can no longer store them.

I have very high standards for food ingredients, and will follow the guidelines the Clients have specified for sourcing ingredients. I will inspect and transport groceries with the utmost care. However, I am not responsible for manufacturing flaws or recall of products, or any health consequence(s) the Client(s) face due to product flaws or recalls. I will contact the Clients immediately if a product has been contaminated or recalled so that you can discard the item.

I will follow proper sanitation guidelines and ServeSafe guidelines for preparing, cooking, packaging, and storing the Clients’ meals prior to delivery.

I will sufficiently label and identify meals by contents and date, and leave complete heating/assembly instructions for the Client’s convenience.  

I will provide the Client(s) with meal choices each week via email according to the Menu Approval Procedure outlined below. 

If I am unable to perform my duties as outlined in this contract for any reason, I will notify the Client as soon as possible and will provide options for reschedule or alternative arrangements to the best of my ability.  

If provided with a key to the Client’s home, I will safeguard the keys, which will remain unlabeled, and I will notify the Client(s) as soon as possible if they should be lost or stolen. 


Both parties have agreed on the standard weekly menu specified above.. Changes and additions to the menu will be made at the Client(s)’ discretion.


The terms of this agreement represent an ongoing service provided by the Chef on behalf of the Client.  If either party wishes to revise these terms, changes and edits must be suggested in writing and agreed upon by both parties.  

TERMINATION: Either party with written notice to the other party may terminate this agreement.  

PAYMENT PROCEDURE & REFUND POLICY: All payments are done electronically via Square following receipt of an order via email to by the Client. Payment will be processed using the Clients’ credit card on file.  Due to the short turn-around for orders, once the payment is processed no refunds will be provided. Upon receipt, if the Clients are not satisfied with the product, and it is within the Chef’s means to provide a replacement, she will do so. 

LATE FEE:  A $50 late fee will be charged for payment not received or unable to be processed within 48 hours of the Chef’s receipt of an order.  

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Chef will honor the confidentiality of everything discussed with the Client.  In addition, the Chef will not divulge that the Chef and Client are in a working relationship without the permission of the Client.


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