Nutrition Coaching CONTRACT

The following is a contract for the nutrition expertise and coaching of Culinary Nutritionist Nancy Campbell of Nancy Campbell, LLC.

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August 16, 2019

The Client agrees:  I hereby employ Nancy Campbell, M.Sc. of Radiant Health / Nancy Campbell, LLC. for the purpose of coaching me with respect to my nutrition and health goals.  I understand and agree that Nancy Campbell is not a licensed medical physician or a registered dietitian and she has not promised, shall not be obligated to and will not:  (1) advise the Client to change or alter his/her medication prescriptions; (2) provide medical advice that would substitute for the advice and medical oversight of the Client’s physician; or (3) act as a therapist, providing psychological counseling, psychoanalysis or behavioral therapy.  I further understand that as a specialized form of consulting, health counseling is not the same as licensed medical treatment; and that I am always free to reject any advice, suggestions or requests made by my coach at any time. In the event that I feel the need for medical treatment or professional counseling or therapy, it is my responsibility to seek a licensed professional. 

FEE PLAN: Three (3) monthly payments of $249. The first payment must be made on or before August 20, 2019.  Subsequent payments must be made by the 20thof September and October.

PAYMENT PROCEDURE: Nancy will invoice the Client via email.  Payment will be made via Venmo to @Nancy-Campbell-1.

REFUND POLICY/LATE FEE: Client must notify Nancy Campbell in writing by midnight, August 22, 2019 in order to cancel the program and receive a full refund.  With cancellation of the program after midnight August 22, 2019, the client’s first payment of $249 will not be refunded and no subsequent payments will be refunded. A late fee of $75 will be charged for payment not received 48-hours after the 3 monthly payment due dates – August 20, 2019, September 20, 2019, and October 20, 2019.

SESSION TIMES: A schedule of initial session dates and times has been agreed upon with the client.  Subsequent sessions will be provided to the client or scheduled with the client.

VIRTUAL SESSION PROCEDURE: Client will be provided with necessary details for sessions using Zoom prior to the start the virtual sessions scheduled.

CONFIDENTIALITY: The Coach will honor the confidentiality of everything discussed with the client.  In addition, the Coach will not divulge that the Coach and Client are in a coaching relationship without the permission of the Client. 


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