Determined to Cook More?

Happy New Year friends!  If you are among the many who are promising to eat better this year, is it your goal to cook more?  So many of us strike out with the best intentions to shift our habits around our health, our spending, our dedication to our hobbies, etc. each new year, and find ourselves quickly dragged down and overwhelmed.  

Over the holidays, I was asked by the health site Well + Good to give the low down on making the goal of "cooking more" a sustainable one.   I shared some juicy, realistic, tangible tips for spending more time in the kitchen and keeping it real.  

Stock Photo / FoodiesFeed

Stock Photo / FoodiesFeed

Please check out my tips at Well + Good and share what resonates for you.   You can find me on Instagram

Be well and keep cooking!  

xo, Nancy



Travel with Dietary Dignity! 5 Strategies for Navigating Food Sensitivities on the Road

It’s that time again!  The holidays are upon us and we are off to join friends and family to celebrate and bring in a New Year.  At the center of every celebration is likely a feast or at least a great cocktail hour.   The question is – can you handle all the food, booze and deserts that come across your palatte? Do you struggle when you travel to keep your diet in line? Here are my top 5 tips for traveling with dietary dignity!